Monday, 26 October 2015

Theodore, Taroom, Wandoan, Miles

Never happened before, but always a first time. The librarian wouldn't let me charge my phone in the library. "It's not a service the council provides" she told me. Ouch. My 16w solar panel was only providing 1w - something wrong there, so phone charging wasn't happening when stationary. Moving I could still charge off the dynamo. 
Finally my parcel arrived, and I was off. Hot, humid days, with lots of small flies. Hard to laze about a camp in those conditions, so 120km days became the norm. 


  1. Megan, you could probably use one of those portable charging packs to charge your phone in an emergency. Might be a little extra weight, but at least you can charge your phone when there's no electricity available or using the bike's dynamo is not an option. They're not expensive.

    1. I did have a battery pack I could have used, but I was anticipating wet weather, so wanted to save it for that. Can't charge anything in the rain. My dynamo charger is waterproof, but plugs aren't.


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