Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Strand, Townsville

Holey dooley, Townsville is going flat out!  Stopped for a breakfast on The Strand just on sun up and for a quiet spot of brekkie. But it was not to be. First was the guy with the whipper snipper. He left and noise was still settling down, when the edge trimmer strolled past. He was followed a short time later by the dreaded leaf blower. Peace now? No, the leaf sucker was next.

Finally some quiet?


A monument to turtles of the past, while their smaller offspring are harvested in the background.
The turtle harvesting commenced on the beach. Once they were large, big enough for two men to pick up and carry away. Now they are a lot smaller, and it's faster to harvest them with machines. 

Australian Slang:
Holy dooley: Exclamation of surprise.
flat out: busy
Brekkie: breakfast