Friday, May 15, 2015

Bingara, Warialda, North Star

My sleeping bag needs more feathers in it!  Been cold the last few nights. Just below zero, with frosts. Been wearing thermals, clothing, jumper and the rain gear, and it's still cold. My "winter" gloves aren't. My thick socks aren't thick enough. I sleep huddled up like a pill bug, trying new ways to get more layers of my sleeping bag around me.
But after the sun has comes up, it's all forgotten; beautiful sunny, warm days. Echo could want for more?
I've managed done dirt roads along the way. The old farmer that stopped told me I was lost. I wanted to believe I wasn't. I had suspected it was going to get interesting when the road became two wheel tracks. But as it as heading the right way, all seemed all good. Later I had to back track and return to the tar. Not bad, a 60km trek about the farm roads. Would have been only 20 km if I'd stayed on the tar.  But where's the adventure in that?