Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mourning over: new Surly Troll arrives

Wow! That was a fast delivery! Surly shipped it express! How's that for service! I'm still blown away with how wonderful they have been to me.

I got the call yesterday morning, but had things happening, so couldn't get down until this morning.

Sleepless night.

By 9:30 I was waiting outside. Cheeky Transport opens at 10:00.  I didn't want to be late.

Time slows when your waiting. But of course, it does pass.

Maisey holding the recently deceased, Donny holding the just born.
Quick check and drool, then Donny got to work. Faced off the headset and bottom shell and cleaned the threads. Didn't fit the bottom bracket yet, but did fit the head set cups. Also did a quick check of the rear drop-outs for alignment; they are perfect. Then it was off to get some supplies before that first feed.  Lots of time to admire the paint, welds, braze-ons and stickers. Lots more braze-ons now!

It's been a warm day, just right for what I had planned: Care and feeding of your new frame.

She's now sitting in the kitchen on newspaper, oozing. Luckily I'm here alone, else I've a feeling we'd both be out in the garden shed. Feeding was messy. We both got covered. I won't need to moisturise tonight.  White Knight Rust Guard Fish Oil isn't as fishy as it could be, but its not completely odourless.  Maybe when it dries a bit more.  Just need to shoo the neighbourhood cats away until then.

There are a lot of rust preventative products about. But, think of this: fish swim in the sea all day, and they don't rust.

Well, sheep don't rust either, but the hardware didn't have Lanolin, so fish oil it was.

It's gone 36C here today, so so maybe she will be dry by morning for assembly.

Waiting at the station