Sunday, March 9, 2014

One the road again

Well, for a short time anyway. I've still been hanging out in Sydney. A few things are dragging on.  "End of the week". "First thing next week".  After a few times of this, all creditability has gone.

So, heading out for a few weeks ride and then will return and hopefully be done.

Was up at 3:30am - couldn't sleep. Wasn't leaving for another 4 hours, and most was packed. Packing up the tent, the only worry I had was "where did that spider go..."

Everything fits back in the panniers - so well, that I wonder if I've forgotten anything. So I grabbed a few extras just in case. Now it looks suitably full. Probably end up ditching the stuff later..

Due to quirks of Cityrail, travelling today (Sunday) has less train changes, larger cross over times at the changes and is an hour faster than travelling tomorrow. Cause, that all depended on the trains running "on time". Since CityRail defines "ontime" as "within 10 minutes of the time table" it means that making connections is iffy.

Destination: Blackheath for the Six Foot Track.