Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Farewell Perth, Hello Mundi Biddi

Well, the time has finaly come. I'm off.

Fairwell to Perth and heading out into the great outdoors. It has been good being in Perth, though it feels like the place that you visit and end up staying years and years. Its been almost a year since I arrived. The Mundi Biddi is on again. The first day was an easy ride. The second a bit more of an effort. Still with plenty of time to look about and admire the scenery.

Other times its been more of a challenge, with lots of time to puff and pant up and down the hills. Time to get the legs back into shape. Seems the only part of me that was getting any exercise in Perth was my waistline. I'm sure that will change soon though. In the mean time, the trail is calling..

Sorry for the changes. I worked on a different method of sending in my blog posts. But gremlins struck. First post from the trail and it didn't work. Testing a bit more, fixed the problem. (I hope).