Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Perth, Mundaring to Jarrahdale

Just back in Perth after a few days cycle along the Munda Biddi Trail.  The plan was to take a jaunt down south, then loop back into Perth for a final pack up before leaving Perth this year.  It didn't work out so well.

The Mundi Biddi trail is really well marked.  However, there are a number of other trails in the area that cross or travel along with the Mundi Biddi. Some are: Heritage Trail, Bibbulmun Track, Kep Track, Kalamanda Track.  Some are cycle use only, others walker use only, some mixed use.  

They all use triangle shaped markers.

I was really poor at watching for the markers, and even when I noticed a trail marker, I was slack at noticing the difference between the markers.  I'm sure that I rode or walked every track in the area at one time or another.  There was lots of back tracking.  With a loaded touring bike, this was slow going. There were many times when I didn't ride due to a reluctance to bounce my bike and panniers over the bumps. 

On the first section, I managed to clock up just over 75km to cover the 42km marked track between the sites.  I did improve, but still managed to get off trail a few times each day.  Still riding along in the bush is so blissful. Part of my problem with missing the markers.

After arriving in Perth to fine cool weather, the first day back riding it warmed up and started showering. I was soon sweating like a cracked fish tank.  Any fitness from cycling into Perth has long since vanished. Pushing up and down trails was a full body workout. I slept well.

Since I was planning to return to Perth, I'd left gear behind. Unfortunately, I had left the stove repair kit behind. While the stove has been running for years without any problems, I do (normally) carry the repair kit for it, in case of problems when well away from the shops. One small rubber seal had hardened with age and was leaking fuel, making stove use risky.  While I'd ridden Sydney to Cairns without a stove, I wasn't looking forward to doing that again, so returned to Perth.

Now to clean up my gear left in Perth and head out again.