Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New wheels!

Yeap. Thats my current wheels.How did that happen?
While sheltering from the wind and rain in the shade of a toilet block i noticed my rear rim had cracks! Lots in fact. Needless to say, i couldn't pedal on.
I'm going to get both rims rebuilt on wider and stronger rims. That will take some time, as i'm in the country. (There is a mail truck twice a week.) Until that is done, i've got a job: truck driving. I'm getting to see the road from up high.
Its an old truck. Patience with the gear changing is essential.
I'm moving sand at the moment; Drive to point A. The truck is loaded. Drive to point B and empty it out. Go back to point A and repeat. Interestingly i'm finding it peaceful work.
I've also been helping out with the usual computer problems, but truck driving is different.
It's stopped raining for now, and the temp is rising. Soon it will be "hot". Truck air-con is "keep the window open"