Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well Banana had only two servo's, and a post office. No big or little bananas.Since i'd arrived early (8am), haven riden since 4.30am i decided not to stay and headed to Wowan. It wasn't that nice a place when i arrived. And the only person i saw wasn't that nice, so i headed to Dululu. And there i stayed as that was 140km for the day. I was tired.
This morning i left early. It was a no moon night. The milky way was visible. Oh so beautiful! I twisted my neck a bit looking up and around.
Just before Westwood the Leichhardt highway came to an end. I'd riden the whole length of it. I was sorry it was over.
Rockhampton- not nice. The drivers are bad. Heaps of traffic.Noisy. I'm missing the country roads.
Stopping in Yaamba today at 120km. Enough for today.