Thursday, December 10, 2009


Bought a Yamaha Scorpio-Z 225cc road bike. Had a test ride on the Yamaha TTR-250 - but I've a shortage of height... Found stopping scary - not being able to touch the ground except on tippy toes. The Yamaha XT250 looked nice... but no kick start.. I decided that I didn't want to have to push start my bike if the battery was feeling slack. Used to do that in the past. It was hard work on bitumen, I reckon it would be a lot harder on dirt or sand.

So the Scorpio was it.

Have build a rack to go on it - version 2 is much nicer than version 1. Version 1 weighed 10kg  and wasn't finished - that is when I thought it was way way over engineered, and scrapped it..

Going to head out of Sydney for a week to test how it all goes. Will have photos up from that.