Friday, October 23, 2009

Manilla, Barraba

Decided that needed to move on from Manilla. Was a nice town, but itchy feet. The day was windy and dusty, so thought I might as well be walking northwards. It was very windy and dusty on the road. Almost headed back to Manilla. Had decided that I'd only stop in Barraba for water, but when I got here, thought I'd stay the night. One night led to two, to three... Been here more than a week so far.. Going to stay a few more too. There is the Barraba Festival on in the first weekend in November - so will probably stay for that. I'm staying at the Barraba Caravan Park. (Hi Bob.) Its quiet and peaceful.

Exciting things that have happened - I cut my hair! This is the first time in I don't remember how many years. So it was a good cut. I used scissors first - but the cut was uneven. Then in a second had shop I found some hand clippers for only $10. Bargin. I was so excited. Today, for the first time all week, my hair is even. Number 000 clippers - pretty close to a shave without using a razor. Not sure yet if I'll just stick to the clippers, or actually do the shaving. Time will tell. It certainly is a change from my long hair. Dries quick though, and is easier to wash. Also saves on shampoo and conditioner :)

Days are passing watching the insect life (there are lots of ants about here - all different sizes, shapes), playing with the Roly Poly's ( they are soo neat!!) , watching clouds, and reading. I also go for rides about the town and local roads when it is cool.